Thursday, September 4, 2008

Technorati Favorites

It seems a lot of threads are being spawned by bloggers asking others to add them to their Technorati favorites.

There's a free utility available that virtually automates the process of adding to yours everyone who has added you. Find it at:
Run it daily or as often as you choose and it quickly catches you up.
Having said that, here's my pitch. Add me to your faves and I will definitely, automatically reciprocate. Hopefully you'll post in this thread to say that you'd added me and the next person to visit will add both of us, and so on. That will help keep the thread fresh and on the front page of this group's discussions for a while.
O.K., here are mine in order that I would like fav'ed:

And here's my main blogs:
A visit would be nice, a comment doubly so.
Thanks in advance!