Friday, June 5, 2015

Conscious Teaching Conference

Free thinking here - brain storming - anybody who has any ideas or comments please reply to this post freely. Actually I will post a link to a Coggle mind map for this post and will start the mind map now.

Wow 5 years....

Its been 5 years, hard to believe, since I wrote any blog on any of my blogs. Well the time has come again. My new desire is to create a conference with as many spiritual teachers as I can have present to help move forward the shift in the educational system from one of conceptual or unconsciousness schooling to consciousness schooling. As Eckhart Tolle just said in a retreat here at Asilomar - there are two ways to teach children to think - not one. One is the current system which teaches children to think conceptually, to learn concepts and knowledge and label and categorize what they are learning. The other is to think from presence to look at the subject with no labeling or concept attached and just allow it to be as it is in your present awareness. Both should be taught.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Wired Ophthalmologist

I have been giving the Wired Ophthalmologist course at the AAO annual meeting since 1997.  Obviously it is important to be one of the first to port to the AAO's new online community and I will be slowly moving content that has always been available on my personal website at over to the AAO community site bit by bit - pun intended.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Translating Women - Part 2

More commonly used phrases spoken in Venusian translated into English. It's progressing from that first date to relationship.

She says: I don't have a lot of time on my phone... why don't you just text me?

She means: I'm really not that into you.

She says: Let's all hang out as a group

She means: I want to be friends.

She says: I'm sorry I didn't call/text/write, I've been so incredibly busy lately.

She means: I'm not that into you but if I'm bored...

She says: I had a really good time tonight.

She means: I'm up for another date.

She says: Want to come up for a coffee?

She means: Let's get it on!

She says: I don't want a gift for my birthday/Valentine's Day/our anniversary

She means: I want a gift.

She says: I was browsing online and look, isn't this sweater/purse/watch/etc. cute?

She means: I want this to be my gift.

She says: You shouldn't have!

She means: I'm surprised! Thank you! You did good!

She says: I'm not hungry.

She means: I'm going to eat off your plate so you might want to order an extra side dish.

She says: I'd like your honest opinion.

She means: Agree with me. If you don't, and you can foresee agreeing with her going awry in the future, make sure to SUGARCOAT the hell out of your honest opinion.

From Ginger on XYUL.CA

Translating Women - Part 1

What she says: "I don't want to make a big deal out of my birthday/Valentine's Day/Christmas."

What she means: "It's a big deal."
Make sure you have at least a card and some kind of dinner date.

What she says: "I'm fine."
What she means: "Watch out."
Nice exterior, effed interior. Women are never "fine" they are good, great and/or well. Be prepared because if you ask, "What's wrong?" You're going to get the next definition.

What she says: "Nothing!"
What she means: "Something!!"
Get ready to go into battle if this one's not handled with care. "Something is obviously wrong but I won't push it. I'm here and listening when you're ready to talk," is a nice diffuser for the ‘nothing' bomb.

What she says: Loud sigh.
What she means: She is frustrated or angry and will take any opportunity to jump down your throat. To diffuse it, ask if there's anything wrong.

What she says: Soft sigh.
What she means: She is content. Yay! Don't question it. Just embrace the moment.

What she says: "Please do!"
What she means: An opportunity to explain yourself. Be careful. She is listening intently and looking for the cracks in your case. However, if you provide satisfactory rationalization, everything will be okay.

What she says: "I never want to see you again."
What she means: "I want you to beg for my forgiveness." Or it can mean, "I never want to see you again." It's a coin toss.

What she says: "Five minutes."
What she means: At least ten... it's likely closer to a half-hour.

What she says: "Thanks."
What she means: Thanks.

What she says: "Thanks a lot!"
What she means: Oh boy. You're in trouble.

*The word "fine" can also be used as a way of ending an argument while getting the last word.
From Ginger on XYUL.CA

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Technorati Favorites

It seems a lot of threads are being spawned by bloggers asking others to add them to their Technorati favorites.

There's a free utility available that virtually automates the process of adding to yours everyone who has added you. Find it at:
Run it daily or as often as you choose and it quickly catches you up.
Having said that, here's my pitch. Add me to your faves and I will definitely, automatically reciprocate. Hopefully you'll post in this thread to say that you'd added me and the next person to visit will add both of us, and so on. That will help keep the thread fresh and on the front page of this group's discussions for a while.
O.K., here are mine in order that I would like fav'ed:

And here's my main blogs:
A visit would be nice, a comment doubly so.
Thanks in advance!

Personal Productivity Wiki

I just started a wiki for personal productivity.

The focus of the Productivity Wiki is to document ALL resources for personal productivity.

Increasing personal productivity through various means of personal development can also impact professional, management and organization development.

We wish to include all ideas, tools and processes to improve personal, workgroup and enterprise productivity and innovation.

A review of the complete personal development library from which to people may get started in cultivating is also offered.



Needed are documentation, reviews and evaluations of your favorite techniques, methods, software, hardware, tools etc.

For example for Getting Things Done (GTD) one can have an encyclopedia type article documenting the facts about the book, methods, etc. and then maybe many more articles about real world experience and use and comparison of GTD vs. other approaches.