Friday, June 5, 2015

Conscious Teaching Conference

Free thinking here - brain storming - anybody who has any ideas or comments please reply to this post freely. Actually I will post a link to a Coggle mind map for this post and will start the mind map now.

Wow 5 years....

Its been 5 years, hard to believe, since I wrote any blog on any of my blogs. Well the time has come again. My new desire is to create a conference with as many spiritual teachers as I can have present to help move forward the shift in the educational system from one of conceptual or unconsciousness schooling to consciousness schooling. As Eckhart Tolle just said in a retreat here at Asilomar - there are two ways to teach children to think - not one. One is the current system which teaches children to think conceptually, to learn concepts and knowledge and label and categorize what they are learning. The other is to think from presence to look at the subject with no labeling or concept attached and just allow it to be as it is in your present awareness. Both should be taught.